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Athenea Beltran

Athenea Beltran


Athenea Beltran, founder of Immigration Solutions San Diego, is a former immigration official for the Department of Homeland Security who has been providing north county residents, solutions for their immigration needs.  Athenea attended and graduated from the only Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy in the United States in Immigration Law.

Athenea’s dedication to civil service began in 1996 when she was hired by the City of Brawley, Housing and Community Development. Athenea’s wealth of knowledge ranges from standing before City Council to receive approval of proposed plans to working at Homeland Security headquarters in Washington D.C., and representing the United States government abroad earning her a medal of honor for her contributions.

Athenea found her passion when she was hired by Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in 2001. As the child of immigrant parents who harvested the agricultural fields for a living, Athenea never forgot the image of her mother when she lectured, “Athenea, all I can provide for you is your education, good values, and courage. You can become anything you want. Be someone. This is what we do so that you don’t have to.” Her mother, wearing worn down shoes, heavily soiled clothes from working the fields, and looked beat. The image of that moment has stuck with Athenea to this day.

Having learned a wealth of knowledge, Athenea felt ready to step down from a successful career in Washington, DC and return to her San Diego home where she now serves her community with immigration needs.